Snowday - presented on BBC Big Screens December 2010

Jeff Morey: concept and video design, videography, choreography and editing, in collaboration with The Builders Association: Marianne Weems, Dan Dobson (music).

Description: The transformation of Grand Central Station into a winter wonderland. Curated by Creative Time and Háagen-Dazs for public presentation in the Holiday Light Show on the ceiling of New York City's Grand Central main concourse (November-December 2002).

"Snowday encourages us to take a moment from the urban environment and simply enjoy an elemental experience: snow, which is often absent from urban winters. Using the floor of Grand Central Terminal’s main concourse as a stage, Builders Association filmed people from an aerial vantage point crossing the Terminal from all directions. As light snowflakes fall upon the crowds, people gradually indulge in more whimsical winter activities such as ice-skating and cross-country skiing across the floor, all amidst pedestrian traffic."

full credits:

'Snowday' was a part of 'Holiday Light Show', originally curated and sponsored by Creative Time and Háagen-Dazs,
Grand Central Station, main concourse, NYC Nov. 19- Dec. 31, 2002. It was requested by BBC Big Screens for their holiday rotation December, 2010.

Created by Jeff Morey
Conceived by Jeff Morey, Marianne Weems and Bob Mower
Sound by Dan Dobson
Performed by:

    Travis Baker
    Rey David
    Robert Mower
    Peter Norrman
    Heaven Phillips
    Nuno Santos
    Andrew Schneider
    Michelle Sheridan-Milovanski
    Sasha Soreff
    Kate Stannard
    Elizabeth Traynor
    Gabriela Porna Traynor
    Holly Twining
    Mauro Fernandez von Waldenburg
    Raïna von Waldenburg
    Jeff Webster