Fire Island

Jeff Morey: video design, videography (DP), video editing, show control design and operation. Additional videography on Nat Geo reels by Ruth Sergel and Paul DiPietro

Description: Fire Island is a large-scale multimedia installation and performance piece based upon Charles Mee's text Fire Island. Fire Island explores the many ways in which people experience the birth and dissolution of relationships amidst the diverse and fragile ecosystems of this barrier island. After our initial scouting, we immediately realized that the natural phenomena of the island are just as interesting as the complicated relationships of the inhabitants. Shooting with HD Video, the 3-Legged Dog team spent several weeks at Fire Island with a cast and crew of 108, capturing hours of HD video, (both fictional and documentary). We then returned to New York and set about creating the physical environment for the performance installation. Read more.

3-Legged Dog, Inc.