Intertidal is a photo and video project inspired by and showcasing the transformations of salt water marshes, estuaries and mudflats from low tide to high tide and back. The aim is to give these ecosystems a unique voice, encouraging exploration, stewardship and respect for environments mostly known from a terrestrial perspective. 

In 2010, in the salt marshes (moors) of Provincetown, Massachusetts I started exploring and taking pictures from the perspective of areas that are baron at low tide, but spring to life when the tide returns.  The changes in biodiversity, movement and color that occur twice daily from a fixed viewpoint are amazing. I'm working on expanding the project with HD video to better document the transformation, and juxtapose imagery of high, mid and low tides once the material is photographed.

The images below, from the salt water marsh and mudflats near Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown, MA, were captured in 2010. I have taken many more since then and will update this page at some point, but for now click on the thumbnails for enlarged versions.