About me
I am a media and interaction designer based in New York City. I create graphics, video, systems and websites for live performances, public art projects and museum exhibits, and am currently working at the Wildlife Conservation Society as Associate Manager of Web Design and Administration. My interests include nature photography, videography, electronic music, science and the environment.

Jeff running Fire Island

Video design bio:
I have been designing media for theatrical performances, art installations and the web for the past 11 years. In addition to recent video design for John Kelly and 3-Legged Dog, I was a project manager, motion graphics designer and editor for the 6th room of American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I've designed, shot and edited video and programmed software for several productions by 3-Legged Dog including Fire Island, Losing Something, Plutón, The Curse of the Mystic Renaldo The, Degeneracy and Accidental Records. I have been a long-time collaborator and video systems designer with The Builders Association, having designed for and toured Xtravaganza, Alladeen and Super Vision. I also produced a short public art piece, Snowday, for Creative Time in Grand Central Terminal (2002). Other collaborations include video and/or interactive installation projects with Peter Norrman/NOMO (SCAN, AudioVision Festival / EU Capital of Culture 08 in Liverpool, 2008), Diamanda Galás (Defixiones, 2005), Tanya Selvaratnam (Remind Me, Lincoln Center Festival, 2004), Holly Twining (media design for our performance company delicious biscuit, 1995-2003) and GMHC (AIDS: A Living Archive the Museum of the City of New York, 2001).

I am also a DJ (beautiful crissy). My DJ sets can be found on itunes as a free podcast, mixcloud, or downloaded from the Beautiful Crissy page.